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Flooring  /  June 11, 2019

Laminate Flooring: Its Benefits

When choosing new flooring, you have a variety of options, including carpet, hardwood and vinyl. While all are great, there is another flooring option that may have flown under your radar: laminate.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie discusses the advantages of laminate flooring.


One of the advantages of laminate flooring that attracts so many buyers to it is its affordability. Laminate flooring can offer you the same appeal as stone or hardwood flooring at a more reasonable price. This is because compared to natural materials, laminate flooring doesn’t cost much to fabricate.

Maintenance and Durability

If you live a fast-paced life and you have no time to maintain your floor, you will love laminate flooring. When it comes to cleaning, all you have to do is vacuum or mop up any dirt and spills, and it will be good as new. It’s also durable since it’s basically impervious to dents and scratches, and can resist common wear and tear better than natural materials can.

Moisture Resistance

Another benefit you can get from laminate flooring is its moisture resistance. Due to this perk, laminate flooring is the perfect flooring option to use in rooms that see high levels of moisture, such as the basement and kitchen.

Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is also easy to install, thanks to its tongue-and-groove edges. This makes it easy even for a handyman neophyte to glue and put together for the installation.

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