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Home Improvement  /  January 24, 2019

Comfort for The Elders: How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Having your elderly family members in your home can be quite the blessing. You’ll get to spend more time with them and they can see you and your children grow up and make more memories together. However, there is one fact that no one can erase and that is the fact that time catches up with them eventually. Your elderly family members will eventually need your help to get around. Certain adjustments will have to be made in your home to make them feel welcome and at home.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie discusses the various remodeling ideas you can implement in your home to make it senior friendly.

No Step Entryways

As seniors get older, their coordination tends to fail them at times. This can make them more susceptible to falling or tripping. So a walkway or threshold that has no steps can go a long way for them. If an elderly family member is in a wheelchair, you can make a ramp for them so they can be wheeled in with little to no difficulty.


Stairs can be difficult for seniors to traverse and even more so if they’re in a wheelchair. To rectify this, you can have a lift built next to the stairs in the house so they can move between floors without having to use the stairs.

Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom improvements are especially useful for elderly family members who use wheelchairs. The various improvements in the bathroom you can make include a lowered bathroom sink with proper knee clearance. This would allow them to wash their hands without having to get up. A grab bar, meanwhile, will allow them to stand and use the toilet with little-to-no assistance whatsoever.

Yard Improvements

If you have an elderly family member who has a gardening hobby but finds it hard to work at ground level, then there are some yard improvements you can make for them. You can make a raised bed for them so they can plant flowers and vegetables without needing to bend down too much. That way, they can enjoy their hobby without having to worry about any body pain afterwards.

To get started on making your home senior friendly, turn to Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie for your home remodeling needs. We are your number one provider of home maintenance and aging in place services. Give us a call at (952) 777-4875 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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