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Home Maintenance  /  December 31, 2018

Top 5 Creative Uses for a Basement Space

The basement is perhaps the most underutilized area in your home. While a good number of homeowners choose to leave their basement spaces as is because of the work involved with sprucing them up, there’s no reason not to take advantage of your basement, especially if the issues are easily fixable.

To get you started on your basement remodeling project, Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie suggests five basement ideas you should consider.

1. Home Theater

The isolated location of the basement makes it the ideal setting for a home theater. The cozy setting allows you to just kick back, relax and enjoy the silver screen experience. Why wait in long lines and pay for overpriced snacks when you can watch movies in the comfort of your own home? Just make sure to address all wiring issues before you proceed with the project for an optimal, uninterrupted home theater experience.

2. Bar or Wine Cellar

A basement bar makes nights out a thing of the past. Enjoy a glass or two alone or with friends or family. Invest in a cabinet or a proper shelf for wine bottles for an added touch of sophistication. Complete the setup with a hard-surface countertop and a pendant light.

3. Home Office

Increase your productivity with a home-based workstation. Furnish the space with ergonomic yet comfortable chairs and a simple but practical desk. Equip the room with the appropriate lighting for an authentic office feel.

4. Apartment

An apartment right in your basement can serve a variety of purposes. Whether it’s for a visiting in-law or an unexpected guest, a home within a home is always a good idea and a great use for your basement.

5. Music Room

For the musically inclined, a home studio is a dream come true. Turn your basement space into a performance area. Just don’t forget to install soundproofing so the music doesn’t spill out into the rest of the house.

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