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Home Improvement  /  June 13, 2018

How to Fix Small Areas of Rotten Wood

Nobody wants items like their doors and floors to have rotten wood. Luckily, you can still repair it by filling the rotted areas. It is not hard to do, but there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent the problem from getting worse. Here are several tips on filling rotted wood.

Check the Depth

Rotted wood can pose dangers over time, so you’ll want to find out just how deep the damage goes. Insert a ruler in the rotted wood. If it goes in deeper than an inch or through the other side, it’s better to replace the wood. When pieces of the original wood remain for the filler to adhere to, you can go ahead and fill the rotted areas.

Remove Rotten Wood

Use your fingers, a screwdriver or hammer to remove the wood depending on the size of the area. Remove as much of the dead wood as possible to so you can fill the gap with sturdier replacements.

Epoxy Filling

One of the more favorable fillings available is epoxy. It is liquid plastic that hardens as it dries and will adhere to most anything, including wood. In case it overflows, be sure to scrape it off the wood and smooth it out with a damp cloth. Use it on a surface of rotted wood that is not hanging like a door as it can ooze out.

Wood Putty

The second most used type of filling for rotted wood is wood putty. Yellowish in color it is very noticeable in high profile areas. It is stiff enough to use on doors, frames and the like, and does not ooze from the wood. It also does not expand and is easy to sand flush to the wood once it is dry. It’s easy to dye and even stain which makes it great for doors, tables and floors.

Sand, Prime And Paint

After the filler dries, sand it smooth. Then, prime and paint, or stain the repaired area, and replace any damaged trim.

Seek Professional Help

For fixing rotten wood parts you can’t do yourself, go to Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie. Homeowners trust us for their home carpentry projects, and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand. We specialize in carpentry services, including wood rot repair. Call us at (952) 777-4875.

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