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Home Maintenance  /  May 10, 2018

Design Ideas You Can Try When Decorating Your Child’s Room

Every parent wants their children to be happy. One way you can achieve that is by giving your child a personal space that they can truly enjoy. You need to give them a room that they won’t outgrow too quickly and that will remain the kind of space in which they can live.

Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie can help you if you’re not sure where to start with remodeling your child’s bedroom. Here are some tips:

Add Art

Art is a wonderful way to customize your kids’ bedrooms. You can start by displaying their favorite photos or hanging their own works of art so their bedroom feels like their very own art gallery. To complement your child’s artwork, you can also look for unique decorative pieces and fabrics.

Consider Pastel Palettes

Pastel palettes can help add color to your child’s bedroom without making the space feel overbearing. They are more muted in appearance compared with other colors. This makes it easy to use richer hues for accent pieces. Some of the ideal pastel colors for kids are powder blue, carnation pink and soft cream. If you need advice on what colors to use, give us a call. We’re experienced painting experts.

Personalize the Room

If your child loves to play sports or if they are fond of superheroes, then incorporate these passions into their bedroom theme. For example, you can have their pillows embroidered with images that reflect their interests or paint their bedroom walls with colors that embody their favorite characters or sports team.

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