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Home Maintenance  /  April 2, 2018

Ideal Materials for Your Kitchen Countertop

Deciding on what’s best for your home is often a difficult task, especially when it comes to your kitchen. You’ll want to give plenty of thought to the materials if you’re planning to improve and update its condition. This is an important concern for any areas you’re about to upgrade, such as your countertops. After all, you prepare meals on these areas, so use a durable and high-quality material.

With the number of materials on the market, however, selecting one for your kitchen countertops can be overwhelming. Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie, the leading general contractor, recommends trying these excellent materials:

Ceramic Tile

The main advantage of ceramic tile is its great heat and water resistance. It also comes in a wide range of colors, shapes and designs that you can easily customize to complement your kitchen’s design. Ceramic tile countertops, however, require regular cleaning to avoid bacteria accumulation.


Most homeowners prefer soapstone for their countertops because of the material’s pliable texture and heat-resistance. Additionally, soapstone doesn’t absorb stains, so it stays clean and good-looking with minimal maintenance, although spills have to be wiped up promptly to avoid issues. Scratches on this countertop also fade gradually, but can also be sanded out for immediate results.


Concrete has incredible heat and scratch tolerance. Concrete countertops, however, need to be sealed regularly to avoid water damage and stains. Installing them requires precision, so it’s best to call a professional for expert results.


The charm and warmth of wood countertops make them a favorite among homeowners. They are also surprisingly durable, allowing you to prepare your meals without hassle. Wood suits almost any kitchen design, but it’s best for traditional spaces.

Your kitchen countertops should satisfy your taste and cooking style. Fortunately, our specialists at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie can help you with your project. Contact us today at (952) 777-4875 to schedule a consultation.

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