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Home Maintenance  /  March 13, 2018

What You Need to Know About Induction Stoves

An induction range or cooktop makes cooking more energy efficient, safe and precise. Unlike traditional cooktops, induction cooking doesn’t heat the cooking vessel itself. Instead, it turns the cooking vessel into the original generator of heat. This has many great advantages. Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie Central explains more:

What You Need to Know

Not all kinds of cookware work with an induction stove. Choose ones with a ferrous nature like enamelware, cast iron or stainless-steel cookware. Those that are made of aluminum, ceramic, glass or copper not only won’t work, but they could also damage your stove. The induction cooktop surface is made of durable glass so you should be careful and avoid sliding rough-bottomed cookware on its surface. To prevent scratches, you can use a piece of parchment paper under the pan.

How They Work

An induction range heats a cooking vessel via magnetic induction instead of thermal conduction. This transfers energy directly into the cooking vessel, effectively heating it up. The induction-cooker element is a high-frequency electromagnet that produces a powerful electromagnetic field. The field penetrates the cooking vessel, setting up a circulating electric current that creates heat.

Their Benefits

The electromagnetic field affects nothing outside the cooking vessel, which means there is little to no wasted heat. This results in a cooler kitchen and stovetop. Induction units are also usually very thin, helping maximize the available space in your kitchen. They feature instant heat adjustment, making them easier with which to cook. Additionally, induction stoves are more energy-efficient, reducing your home’s overall energy consumption.

An induction stove makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. Consider this upgrade when planning for your kitchen remodel. Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie can help you design your interior to match the sleek and modern appeal of your induction cooktop. Contact us at (952) 777-4875 to request an estimate.

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