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Home Improvement  /  March 6, 2018

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are not only annoying; they also increase water consumption. If your faucet is dripping, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible; otherwise, you’ll be faced with several other problems. Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie discusses how you can properly fix a leaky faucet without needing to call a handyman:

Prepare the Tools

Most faucets are simple enough to repair even if you have no experience; all you need is a trusty Allen wrench. We also recommend getting a screwdriver and large split-joint pliers. Now, before actually repairing your faucet, you need to examine it carefully and check from where the water is coming. This is important since leaks that form around the base require a different fix from a leak coming from the end of the spout. When done, turn off the water supply to the faucet.

Take Apart the Faucet

When taking it apart, take note of the order you disassembled it and which part goes where. We recommend recording a video of yourself disassembling the faucet so that you can put it back together more easily once you’re done.

Determine the Source

If the water is leaking from the base of the spout, then the problem is most likely the O-Ring. Either it’s loose or it’s damaged. If the ring is loose, simply tighten the adjusting ring. Meanwhile, if the leak is coming from the end of the spout, you’ll need to replace the washer or corroded valve seat.

Another reminder: make sure you check the brand of your faucet if any part requires replacing. This will allow you to find parts easier. The brand name is usually stamped on the faucet. If the brand name isn’t visible, simply take the parts to the store with you.

When done, put each part back in order. At this point, we also suggest you take the time to clean each part individually so that you can prevent leaks and other faucet problems from happening in the future.

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