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Home Improvement  /  January 5, 2018

Ideal Kitchen Countertop Materials

Your countertops serve as your kitchen’s workbench. Every day, they are used for a variety of tasks like preparing meals, cooking and cutting. Which is why when choosing a countertop material, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs alongside aesthetic preferences.

Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie suggests trying these popular material choices:

Natural Stone

Granite, soapstone and slate are three of the most common natural stones used in countertops. Granite is known for its wide array of colors, excellent durability, relatively low cost and stain resistance. Soapstone and slate, on the other hand, are available in fewer colors, but offer a more high-end look. Slate is a maintenance-free, nonporous material that comes in dramatic shades of black, purple and red. It has a naturally soft, matte sheen that can be polished to a shine with lemon oil. Meanwhile, you can get soapstone in dark green or light green-gray hues that add a refreshing appeal to kitchens.

Plastic Laminate

For homeowners looking for a long lasting investment, we recommend plastic laminate. This durable, hard-wearing material can survive years of use in the toughest kitchens. It also comes in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures, making it a highly versatile countertop choice. Plastic laminate countertops are available in both matte and fine matte finishes.


This countertop material has become increasingly popular in the recent years and for good reason. Unlike the traditional concrete counters, today’s versions are brought precast, fully cured and finished to the job site. While traditional concrete had to be poured atop cabinets, resulting in inadequate seals and curled corners, now you can enjoy the beauty and simplicity of concrete without the mess. Precast molded slabs are very smooth and flat, making them a great choice for kitchen countertops.

Still can’t decide on a material for your kitchen countertop? Our experts at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie can help you. We can suggest ideal materials based on your needs and style preferences, and provide design recommendations for each. Contact us at (952) 777-4875 today to request a free, no-obligation estimate.

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