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Home Maintenance  /  August 3, 2017

Common Water Heater Problems

Your home’s water heater is arguably the most costly feature in your plumbing system. Fortunately, early diagnosis makes repairs easy and not too expensive. Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie shares some common water heater problems experienced by homeowners and how to handle them.

 Water Heater

Water Heater Makes Noises

Noises from your heater can be caused by either the expansion and contraction of the metal parts, drips, or mineral and scale accumulation inside the tank. When heated, the dissolved water minerals recrystallize and form scales that cake on the interior. This lessens the efficiency of your heater and increases its risk of failure.

You can minimize the presence of these corrosive minerals through ionization. Most water heaters can achieve this through an anode rod that’s inserted at the top of the tank. You can avoid scales altogether by flushing out your tank every few months.

Discolored or Bad Smelling Water

Strange smelling water can be caused by two factors: the source and your heater. Before trying to solve the issue, you should first determine where the problem lies. You can do this by checking if the problem is present in both the hot and cold water. If only the latter has a strange smell, then your problem is more likely with the water source. Minerals like iron and copper cause discoloration in the water. You can solve this issue by installing a water filter for the entire house or a water softener.

If the problem is with the hot water alone, then the odor is caused by a reaction of the heater’s anode rod and water to a high concentration of sulfates. Let the water run for no more than three minutes; if the smell is similar to that of rotten eggs, try flushing your water heater tank. If the problem isn’t solved, then you may need to replace the anode rod.

You can easily fix your water heater with these simple steps. However, there are some problems that call for the expertise of a professional. If you are unsure of the cause of your heater’s problem, you can turn to Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie. Contact us today to learn about our different services.


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