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Home Maintenance  /  July 13, 2017

Preventing Common Air Conditioning Problems

With summer nearly here, your air conditioning units will be working extra hard to keep your home comfortable throughout the day. With the extra pressure, it’s possible for your AC unit to develop some problems. Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie shares ways for you to prevent these common air condition problems.

Air Conditioning

Refrigerant Leaks

Notice air blowing in your home? If your windows aren’t open, check if there are any changes in the thermostat. If there are none, then you may have refrigerant leaks. This problem is easily remedied by hiring a professional technician to locate and repair any leaks in your appliance. Once the holes are sealed, charge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant to test the repair.

Sensor Problems

A thermostat sensor measures the temperature of the air coming in through the evaporative coil. This is usually located behind the control panel, and once knocked out of place, can cause your AC unit to start behaving erratically. If you feel fluctuations in your indoor temperature, check your thermostat sensor for problems. Your sensor should be near the evaporative coil but not touching it. If it is, simply adjust its position by bending the wire that’s holding it in place.

Electric Control Failure

Since your AC unit is likely to see frequent use during summer, you’re likely to experience electronic control failure. It’s difficult, however, for an untrained homeowner to detect this problem, so we recommend turning to a professional for an inspection and repair. Be sure that the electrical connections and contacts of your unit are properly checked to ensure your unit is in great shape.

With your air conditioning in check, ensure that the rest of your house is in excellent condition by turning to Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie. Contact us today for a quality repair and maintenance service. We’ll even offer an estimate.


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