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Home Improvement  /  March 7, 2017

Design Ideas to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Pets are part of our families, so we need to take their needs into consideration when designing a home. You need to think about how your pet will move around the house and interact with its furnishings. Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie discusses ways to make a pet-friendly where you can still express your personal style:

Home Design

  • Choose Durable and High-Quality Flooring and Fabrics – Your pets are active creatures, so you need durable, hard-surface flooring to keep your rooms in great shape. Your pet’s paws and claws can leave marks, so the flooring you choose needs to be easy to maintain. Consider using laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, and stone instead of using carpet. If you like using rugs as an accent piece, use one with a no-skid pad so your pet can run safely. Pet-friendly fabrics include denim, canvas, and tough synthetic fabrics.
  • Arrange Your Furniture According to Your Pet’s Needs – Some dogs and cats like resting in cool or warm spots. Since your air conditioning/heating ducts are perfect for this purpose, keep them clear. Designate a pet play area where they can interact with their toys. This keeps your pets from making your entire home their playground. Lastly, consider using chairs and tables with rounded edges to reduce the risk of your pets getting hurt if they hit furniture.
  • Choose Windows that Provide Great Views – Your pets appreciate a great view. Make sure that there are pet-friendly furniture near the window so they can enjoy the view from your windows. However, many pets are curious, so you need to make sure that they can’t escape. Lastly, consider using window treatments to shut the outside view if your dog barks excessively or becomes too interested in what’s going on outside.

These are just some of the ways you can accommodate your cat or dog. When renovating or rearranging your home, just keep a few things in mind. Think of your pet and imagine how they will move or interact with the rest of the objects in your home. As much as possible, use high-quality furnishings, floor coverings, fabrics, and floor materials.

If you need to remodel your home or perform maintenance, Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie can help. Fill out our form to learn more about designing a pet-friendly home. You can also request an estimate.

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