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Home Maintenance  /  February 27, 2017

Stay Ahead of Water Damage: 3 Ways to Detect Leaks

Water leaks are among the most damaging problems homeowners experience with their homes. Without proper attention, they can penetrate your foundation and eventually weaken your structural integrity. In addition, untreated leaks can cause water bills to rise from time to time. That’s why when you suspect a leak, it’s always better to act on it promptly than wait for it to cause more extensive damage.

Tracing a leak can be tricky; finding its source depends largely on what type of leak you have. Of course, it’s easier to spot a leaking pipe under your sink than one blocked by walls or ceilings. To help you check for leaks more easily, Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie offers the following tips:

  • Take a Closer Look at Your Bills – The first step to finding a leak is to recognize that you do indeed have a leak. Small leaks, for instance, can stay hidden for months and even years without drawing much attention. One of the easiest ways to determine a leaking problem is to monitor your water bill. An increase in your bill when your usage has not changed is a top indicator that you do have a water leak.
  • Check the Meter – Although extremely helpful, this is not always an easy task because you’ll need to turn off the water in your home completely. Once it’s done, check to see if the meter is moving. Record the meter reading and wait for 15 minutes before recording the reading again. If the meter has recorded water during that period, it might be caused by a leak.
  • Don’t Ignore Minor Indoor Leaks – Underground leaks are not the only ones that can cause damage in your home. Leaks under sinks and cabinets can also allow water to penetrate your flooring and walls. This is why you should examine these areas regularly and look for any signs of leaks around, such as mold formation.

On top of these tips, you should also look for damage on your home’s exterior, such as the roof and gutters. Even the smallest holes can allow water to seep through your walls and ceilings. If you need professional assistance locating or repairing a leak, be sure to give our expert crew at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie a call. We’re always ready to help, regardless of the extent of the job.

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