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Home Improvement  /  November 21, 2016

Types of Kitchen Sinks

If you’re looking to ramp up your kitchen and incorporate some remodeling, consider upgrading your kitchen sink. There are lots of various types of sinks made of different materials, so you might be surprised at how many options you have to choose from. That’s why our expert crew here at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie has put together a few recommendations and some top choices to help guide your decision. Let us know which you end up choosing!

Stainless Steel

These types of sinks are the most popular choice that you can find in the sink market. One of those reasons being that stainless steel appliances in general are the most popular upgrades to appliances. Stainless steel is also very durable, somewhat simple to clean, and creates a modern look throughout the kitchen. These types of sinks can be mounted in a few different styles and techniques, allowing you to create a customized look as well. Stainless steel can tend to be a little louder than other materials, but you can incorporate a padding or coating to help cut down on the noise.


Ceramic sinks are another top choice as they have a luxury appearance while being easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. It is made from material containing clay, metal, and glass. It is very moisture and water-resistant as well, making this a great choice for a kitchen sink. A disadvantage with installing a ceramic sink is that the materials aren’t as durable as some other choices, making it prone to chipping or scratching. When that happens, the sink usually needs to be replaced if the damages are too much to easily repair. However, the surface is stain resistant making it easy to clean. Overall ceramic sinks are a great choice, if you are careful not to chip or damage the sink.

Cast Iron

Contrary to popular belief, cast iron is one of the oldest materials that has been used on kitchen sinks from years past. The durability of the cast iron and the glossy finish makes this an easy choice when considering types of kitchen sinks to install. Iron is highly prone to rusting, therefore cast iron sinks get a heavy coating of porcelain enamel finish to prevent this from happening. Without the finish, it would feel just like your cast iron skillet that you use to cook with. The enamel is made from melted glass that is designed to withstand scratches, moisture, and damage. This makes the material easy to clean as well. However, this choice can be a bit of a pain to install as this material is much heavier than other choices, and is more expensive than stainless steel.

While there are many other types of kitchen sink materials to choose from, there are also many types of mounting and installation types. All of these varieties allow you to create the exact look and functionality that you’re looking for in your home here in Eden Prairie. If you have questions about the types of materials we mentioned, or if you’d like to talk about installing your new kitchen sink, give us at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie a call.

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