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Home Maintenance  /  September 12, 2016

How To Remove Spray Paint from Metal

Spray paint is typically a great way to makeover almost anything around the house. Once it’s dried it becomes difficult to get off, which in most cases is one of the properties that make it so great. However, sometimes spray paint can wind up in places you did not intend it to or later on, you’ve changed your mind about something you’ve finished with spray paint and need to remove it. The crew at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie has put together a how-to guide for removing spray paint from metal. Check it out.

Say you’ve spray painted a metal lamp and want to change the look, or someone has spray-painted your metal door, or you got a little sloppy with the spray paint and need to remove it from a metallic area. The good news is that metal is non-porous, meaning that because tiny holes are not present it’s a little tougher for the spray paint to sink in and become permanent. One of the challenges with removing the spray paint from the metal is to successfully remove the paint without damaging the metal underneath. The key here is to stay patient and work slowly so that you can get the job done right.

There are a few options available for a project like this such as homemade chemical mixtures, store bought compounds, wax removers, and the list goes on. We’ll highlight one way to strip the spray paint from metal below, but this is not the only way. Depending on the object you’re removing the paint from, you may want to try alternative solutions.

First you’ll want to work in an open area such as a garage or even a bathtub if the area is large enough to work in. Next, you’ll want to place the object, if small enough, on a dirty rag or rug. If the object is large like a door, you’ll need to work from its original position.

Next, be sure to put on protective gear such as a long sleeve shirt, eye goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and a respirator so that you aren’t overwhelmed with the fumes. Apply a hefty coat of stripping gel using a paintbrush or other similar tool to the entire item you are removing the paint from. Be sure to talk to the local hardware store about the exact project you are working on so that you can purchase the correct materials. This will make a difference in how the end result turns out.

Let the solution sit for about 30-45 minutes once it’s completely applied. You’ll notice the substance start to bubble up which is exactly what you want. Use a scraper to remove the bubbled up substance that has secured itself to the paint you want to remove. Work slowly so that you do not damage the metal underneath the paint. Be gentle and work in small chunks. Sometimes toothbrushes come in handy if an area becomes too small to scrape. It’s also recommended to use a rag to wipe off any excess stripping gel that may remain, in addition to the film that will be there after all of the gel has been removed.

There you have it! Sounds easy enough, right? If you have questions or would like Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie tackle this job or other jobs around your house for you, be sure to give us a call.


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