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Home Remodeling  /  August 23, 2016

Great Bedroom Themes for Children

From a comfortable bed to storage for toys and clothing, every child’s bedroom needs basic pieces of furniture to make it functional. Decorating the room in a way that encourages healthy child development is just as important. Choosing a theme for the décor helps fuse all the elements of design together while offering opportunities for kids to play, study and pursue their personal interests. Here are three decorating themes designed to encourage your child’s curiosity and creativity, brought to you from the remodeling specialists at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie.

The Great Explorer

Make learning about faraway places fun for your little explorer with a bedroom decorated with a global theme. Start with a multi-color palette that will bring a unified look to the space. From a woven rug to a bamboo nightstand or roll-up desk, furnishings that feature a variety of materials and textures will give the room international flair.

To spark your child’s imagination, hang historical maps of the wall that illustrate the routes of early explorers. Be sure to include a collection of books that tell the stories of their grand adventurers. Shelving that allows your child to showcase items collected during his or her own travels will give the bedroom a personalized look.

The Art Lover

Budding artists will love a room that encourages them to express their creativity. Inspire them with posters of works produced by their favorite painters, and then provide them with the tools they need to create their own masterpieces. A stand-alone easel is not only an invitation to draw or paint but also an artful focal point for the entire room. Place shelves, racks and storage places nearby to limit the creative clutter.

Older children interested in graphic design will appreciate a built-in counter that gives them plenty of room for computer equipment. Little ones will find a wall painted with chalkboard paint irresistible. Confine their artistic efforts to one space by framing the area with wainscoting or molding.

The Nature Enthusiast

If your child is fascinated by life in the great outdoors, a nature-inspired bedroom theme is sure to please. Focus the theme on the aspect of nature that interests your child the most. Animal lovers will enjoy a space decorated with their favorite critters. Removable wall transfers make it easy to indulge them. Kids interested in gardening will want a place for indoor plants. Future entomologists will welcome display space that lets them show off their insect collections.

Because little naturalists love learning more about the growing world around them, it’s a good idea to include space for all the books, charts and nature guides they’re bound to collect. Covering a wall with cork or pegboard makes it easy to display interesting items as well. When it comes to color schemes, keep things cool and serene. Your active and curious child doesn’t need extra stimulation at bedtime.

Creating a themed bedroom offers lots of opportunities for fun, but because children’s tastes change over time, it does present some real design challenges. At Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie, our expert craftsmen can help you implement a theme that can adapt as your child grows. From installing book cases with adjustable shelves to applying removable wallpaper, Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie is your source for long-lasting solutions that make every room in your home inspiring.


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