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Home Improvement  /  June 15, 2016

Decking Materials 101

Are you enjoying the warm summer evening weather? We are! There’s only one thing that would make it even better…a new deck! Before you make any decisions regarding your home’s new deck, let Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie help you with an overview of decking materials.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

This green-tinted wood is still the most popular decking material sold today. The popularity of pressure-treated lumber isn’t surprising: it’s affordable, readily available, and easy to cut and fasten with nails or screws. Most pressure-treated decking is milled from southern yellow pine, then chemically treated to resist rot and wood-boring bugs. The two most common sizes of treated decking are 2 x 6s and 5/4 x 6-­in. planks. Occasionally 2 x 4s are used on small decks or railings. Pressure-treated lumber does have a tendency to crack, split and warp, meaning routine maintenance is necessary to prolong the life and look of your wood deck. This includes an annual cleaning with a pressure washer and applying stain sealer every two years.

Redwood and Cedar

For many, the only choice for decking is redwood or red cedar. Both of these soft woods are prized for their color and natural beauty. Both materials contain oils that make them naturally bug, rot and decay-resistant.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners who want a low-maintenance alternative to a traditional wood deck. The composite consists of a combination of wood and plastic particles and often incorporates recycled materials, making this sustainable material a “green” choice. Composite planks are available in lengths up to 20 feet, meaning there are less seams on larger decks. Another plus of composite decking material? Easy cleaning!

Let the experts at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie help you with your new deck project! We are more than happy to assist with choice of material, design and installation. Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts, and you could be relaxing on your new deck this summer!

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