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Decks  /  March 10, 2021

A Guide to Deck Installation

Professional Tips and a Guide to Deck Installation in Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Areas

With spring approaching, are you and your family thinking of getting a new deck? A new deck can bring new life to your backyard, the poolside, and to the cookout scene. If this is what you are looking for, our handymen are here to provide a helpful guide about deck installation, so you know what to expect.

Deck installation is a big project. Be sure to reach out to local handymen to schedule a few estimates and to browse their services. This will help you find the best handymen to help work alongside your budget, needs, and schedule.


A deck brings many new uses and enjoyments to your home. The space adds value and is great for entertainment and practical events. Additions to your deck such as anything with water, heating, or electrical, will need to be planned for the plumbing and electrical work required.

Deck Material

Decks can be made for a variety of materials. Wood is an all-around classic, durable, but requires maintenance, sealing, and staining. Composite material is made of plastic, wood, glue, and is durable with a long lifetime. Plastic or vinyl decks require no maintenance but can be damaged by extreme heat and weather.


You deck installation can be made to look exactly as you desire. Railing designs and stair locations can be chosen, post caps, which keep moisture from settling on and affecting your posts are important and can be decorative. Your stairs will be built on a concrete pad to keep them from sinking or warping over the years. Feel free to get a little creative with the post caps, posts, stairs, and railings with different colors, accents, and more.

Your dream deck installation will be a reality in no time with these tips and a professional handyman’s help. Start planning today and enjoy the transformation of your backyard with a new deck in no time.

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