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Home Improvement  /  September 19, 2020

What Storage Solutions Are Right for My Home?

Whether you are looking to get organized as the year is nearing an end, or you are just finding that you are running out of space in your home — you can get creative by adding more storage options! What do storage options look like? Take a look at what types of storage solutions may be right for your home.

Picking a Storage Solution for my Home

Picking the right storage solutions for your home begins with the room you’re working with. What is the goal of the storage? Are you trying to keep it functional, fashionable, or a little of both? Here are three great options to get you started.

1. Laundry Shelving

We all know we could use a little more organization and functional space in the laundry room. With additional laundry shelving, you can add more room to hold more than just the essentials. Right now, you may have shelving to hold some fabric softener, and maybe some dryer sheets. By adding additional laundry shelving, you may be able to expand to store laundry detergent, ironing board and iron, folding board, and so on.

2. Built-in Book Cases

Built-ins are a great addition to any room! Add a built-in bookcase to your room or kid’s to store more than just books. Built-ins provide functional space as well, including decorating! Oftentimes older homes are equipped with built-ins in the living room. Take advantage of this space saving method and store and decorate in a vertical fashion!

3. Custom Shelving

If prefabricated shelving options are just not getting the job done, consider some custom shelving solutions instead. Custom shelving can be built to fit any unique challenges that your home may present. Or, if colors, size, and functionality are not hitting, custom shelves may solve that issue for you as well. 

Custom Storage Solutions are a Call Away!

Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs can provide your home with the custom storage solutions you’ve been looking for. Whether for a bedroom, dining room, living room, garage, laundry, or other space, we’ve got what you need! Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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