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Home Improvement  /  July 30, 2020

Make Your Kitchen Pop With Some New Cabinets!

Why would you want to add new cabinets to your kitchen? If you find yourself battling for countertop space or have run out of room in your current cabinets, adding some more may do the trick.

Before running out and cabinet shopping, here are some things to consider.

When Should You Add Cabinets to Your Kitchen?

Open Upper Wall Space

Bare walls? If you have the room above existing countertops or cabinets this is where you can add some more cabinetry. If you need more storage and can’t sacrifice the space, this is a great option for you!

Closing off an Area

While many people do love open-concept kitchens, you don’t want to completely remove everything. Adding cabinets that are above countertops or can help create separation from another room can help break up space without leaving long stretches of wall bare.

When You Want a Permanent Kitchen Island

If you have space, a permanent kitchen island that features cabinets built-in the base is another space-saving and effective way to add more storage. Plus, you increase the number of surfaces to use for prep work.  

When You Need More Counter Space

If you are low on counter space and still need more storage, try this two-for-one option. Installing new counters that have built-in cabinets below to tackle two problems at once.

Only When They Match

Try not to make any rash decisions where you start adding cabinets that do not match. Not only will it eventually drive you crazy, but you also do not want to detract from your home’s overall value!

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