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Home Improvement  /  March 25, 2020

Faucet Trends of the Year

With a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you might consider adding a new sink to the room. Faucet trends come and go, but which will create the room of your dreams?

How many people will be using this faucet? Is it in the main bathroom, or guest bath? Is it in the kitchen? Wherever it may be, each sink has its own purpose.

Plumbing services offered by Handyman Connection can help you install whichever faucet you choose. Here are some of the top faucet trends that we recommend in 2020.

Top Faucet Trends in 2020

Matte Tones

Matte black is not only trendy but will stand out. You’ll find matte black faucets stunning against stark white kitchen and bathroom decor. This trend offers a timeless, sharp look to both modern and country style bathrooms and kitchens.

Mixed-Metal Finishes 

Fear not, gold and mix-metals are one of our favorite faucet trends! Mix and match to your heart’s content, but if you’re not sure how to achieve the look you’re going for, start with these 8 tips for mixing metals in kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t regret it.

Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucets 

Semi-professional kitchen faucets with pull-down nozzles give aspiring chefs more to work with. If this sounds like you, know that this faucet trend looks great against all styles of kitchen countertops and will have you feeling like a culinary pro in no time. 

Statement Faucets

Seeking a more artistic design? Statement faucets come in a variety of looks and styles and are a great way to add a unique look to any bathroom or kitchen. 

While they can give your space more of a dramatic look, they may not give you as much flexibility for redecorating down the line as a traditional or semi-professional faucet. Think about what will best serve you in the long-run.

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