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Home Improvement  /  February 26, 2020

Top Pendant Light Styles to Consider for Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling services will often include revamping lighting solutions, and pendant lights are a popular option regardless of the style you’re going for. The type of pendant light you choose will depend on the existing light in the space as well as the design and functionality you desire. Are the lights going to be over a counter space or mostly there for aesthetic reasons?

Regardless of the reason, pendant lights can make great additions to any kitchen. As you’re gathering ideas for your kitchen remodel, consider the following types of pendant lights.

Top Four Pendant Light Options

1. Accent Lights

Accent lighting combines design and functionality. Pendant lights can be paired with countertops or even shelving to help tie a room together. Pendant lights can highlight an area of your kitchen or what makes your countertops unique. Whether it’s a crisp shine or an intricate pattern, accent lights can be a great addition. 

2. Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting will illuminate the entirety of your kitchen instead of just the countertops. Multiple lights will create a bright atmosphere for cooking and meal prep. However, if you’re planning on using your kitchen as an extension of your dining or social space, consider softer lighting or even a dimmer switch.

3. Task Lights

While they don’t illuminate your whole kitchen, task lights will help shine a light on any area that you feel needs it. Areas like the sink, the counter next to the stove, or your kitchen island can all benefit from a task light. These lights combine ambiance with functionality, giving you the luminance you need to cook while leaving the intimate space for conversation. 

4. Combinations of the Above

The options above are some of the best pendant light ideas we’ve seen, but no two kitchens are alike. While researching kitchen remodeling services, you can learn more about pendant light types and get a better idea of what light combinations will work best for your home. 

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