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Home Improvement  /  January 22, 2020

Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home This Winter

As wintry weather soldiers on here in Colorado Springs, it’s important to make sure your home stays up to the frigid test.

Check out these 5 simple  tips from the home maintenance and installation pros at Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs to protect your house this season.

5 Tips to Keep Your Home in Great Shape This Winter

1. Seal drafty gaps

If winter winds are finding their way around your doors and windows, adding a little caulk or weather stripping can help. Not only will your home be warmer and more comfortabe, but your heating bill will be substaintially lower as a result.

2. Clear out ice dams from your gutters

Gutter icicles can be pretty – pretty bad for your gutters, that is. If you’re noticing ice buildups on the exterior of your home, it could mean that your gutters are experiencing an ice dam. It’s important to have these cleared out ASAP to prevent your gutters from warping or cracking under the weight of the frozen water.

Need help? Reach out to our home maintenance professionals.

3. Make sure your dryer vent is clear

After a major snowfall, make sure your exterior dryer vent has not been covered up. A blocked dryer vent can cause carbon monoxide to build up in your laundry room, which can present a danger to you and your family.

If your dryer vent’s placement is a problem, reach out to our team to see if rerouting it is an option.

4. Check on your sump pump

Do not unplug your sump pump in the winter, but do make sure the discharge hose has been connected to keep it from freezing. Also, make sure to have a backup hose on hand just in case. Check the sump pump pit to make sure there’s no ice or debris and test it regularly.

When in doubt, call in a plumbing professional to make sure it’s ready to handle the melting snow come springtime.

5. Insulate your pipes

Frozen pipes can crack and unleash a flood of water into your home, costing you a fortune in repair bills. There are several different ways to adequately protect your pipes from freezing, but the right solution will vary from home to home – give us a call and we’ll help you find the best way to protect your pipes from the cold.

Call Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs for All Your Winter Home Maintenance Needs

Handyman Connection offers general handyman services to help you with every aspect of winterizing your home, from top to bottom. Our team of experienced craftsmen will evaluate your home’s needs, walk you through the solutions and implement the right one for you.

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