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Home Improvement  /  September 30, 2020

Prep for the Cold: Fall Maintenance Tips

While you may have had a chance to read our outdoor maintenance to do at home ideas already, but the list doesn’t end there. While finishing up the weeding and minor repairs are nice, you need to make sure your house is ready for the cooler temps. Here are additional fall maintenance tips to consider before the cold comes!

Fall Maintenance Tips to Follow Before It’s Cold

Clean Out the Gutters

  • Do yourself, your roof, and your home a favor! Be sure to clean the gutters one last time before the freezing rain and snow arrive. If you get up there and see your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, get it scheduled. Not cleaning your gutters can lead to improper drainage and can cause leaks or moisture build-up, which is bad news for your home. In the winter, the leaks will lead to the formation of icicles which are not only dangerous, but the weight of the ice can also damage your gutters, roof, and drains. Make sure the water has a place to go!

Find the Drafts

  • Remember that drafty room you promised to fix last winter? Before the cold air starts seeping into the house, go back and find the source of the draft. The main offenders of this issue may be the door leading into your garage, or even the front or back door. Who wants a high energy bill? A simple fix may be purchasing and installing a simple weather-strip to prevent any cold drafts from entering your home. How can you ensure that your doors are ready? Try the paper test. Put a piece of paper down by your doorway. If you can close it and the paper hardly budges, you are in good shape.

Patch the Driveway

  • The last thing you want is for the winter ice to chip away and widen any cracks you have in your driveway. If this happens, you are likely to see even bigger gaps or possibly holes come next spring. Prevention for this issue is to seal the cracks with a bottle of cement crack filler. Take care of the issue now before it becomes a larger one!

Check the Equipment

  • When’s the last time you ran the snowblower? Now is the time to get it out and going. While yearly fall maintenance includes many different options depending on where you live, you never want to wait until after the cold weather really moves in to get started! Start tackling that list today!

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