Outdoor Maintenance to Do at Home This Fall

outdoor maintenance

While the weather begins to cool down, what are some of the outdoor maintenance projects that you’ve been putting off? What needs to get done before the winter comes? 

At Handyman Connection of Carmel, we offer a variety of handyman services that include a broad spectrum of things. If your home’s exterior needs some extra attention, give us a call! Here are some projects you can get started with.

1. Start with Flower Beds

Before the weather starts to turn, you’ll want to clean up any plans that are rotted or wilted. If there are any invasive weeds that are hanging around, be sure to remove those. Divide and plant the bulbs from your flowers and make sure they have enough room to grow. Consider replenishing any missing mulch at this time.

2. Check the Deck 

When was the last time you took a close look at your deck? Sure, you enjoyed it all summer, but the colder weather can leave the boards and posts faded, cracked, rotted, or even broken beyond repair. Look high and low.

3. Power Washing the Driveway and House

If you are weeding, preparing to rake leaves, and cleaning up brush, you might want to finish off by power washing the driveway. Plus, if you are thinking about painting the house since the temperature is stabilizing, go ahead and get the house and garage done while you’re at it. 

4. Window Washing

Now is a great time to give the exterior of your windows some final deep scrubs. Though you can clean the interior side whenever you want, it’s still warm enough if you want to open them up and really clean the tracks as well.

5. Walk Your Yard

Did you experience some late summer, early fall rainfall? You might want to check your yard. If you don’t experience much water, your lawn could still need attention in high-trafficked areas. From laying grass seed to combating lawn disease, tackle it now before the colder temps hit.

6. Siding Repair and Paint

Did you know that siding colors can fade over time as UV rays from the sun wear away at the pigment within them? Having a handyman paint the exterior of your home can help restore the siding and get the desired look you’re after. Don’t forget the shutters!

7. Repair Damaged Fencing

Whether you need to replace or repair fence poles or sections, we can help. From privacy to chain link, give us a call for an estimate.

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