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Home Improvement  /  May 18, 2021

Build a Garden with these Vegetable Garden Tips in Boise, ID

How to Build a Garden: 5 Ways to Build the Perfect Vegetable Garden in Meridian, Boise, ID & Surrounding Areas

Gardens can be created in so many ways. As you begin, understand why you want to build a vegetable garden and what your goals are. Do some research on the types of vegetables you would like to grow and see what they need such as sunlight, water, and soil preferences. This will help you as you read about the 5 ways to build the perfect vegetable garden at your home. Start planning and continue reading to learn more.

1.      Vertical Gardens

When you build a garden, get creative and take advantage of the space you have if you are limited on space or want some layers to your garden. Vertical gardens can grow vines, squash, tomatoes, and more. Trellises can create great privacy and can fit plants into the smallest of spaces.

2.      Elevated Gardens

Build a garden that is easy to use and maintain. Elevated or raised gardens will keep your plants separated from other sections of the garden and save you the hassle of preparing the ground for a garden bed.

3.      Potted Plants

If you have vegetables or herbs such as thyme that are creepers and spread across the garden, keep them conveniently contained in separate pots. This will add a nice variety to your garden and keep everything organized.

4.      Borders

Make your garden perfect with the installation of borders, fences, or walls. This will keep any pests out from eating your veggies while creating the perfect cottage garden look. These are customizable details with the numerous materials and styles you can install.

5.      Walkways

Make your garden accessible with stone, paved, or cement paths. This will give you a good surface to work from if you are weeding or watering your plants. Just like the fences, this is a functional and attractive detail to add.

Enjoy endless variations as you start planning your garden. From fencing to the type of garden, when you build a garden, you will be able to create the space of your dreams. Use these tips to start creating your garden today.

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