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Home Improvement  /  April 12, 2021

Garage Storage: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space

Professional Garage Storage Tips and How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space in Boise, ID & Surroundings Areas

Whether you use your bike ever day or your family’s bikes tend to just sit in the garage day after day, these large objects can get in the way and bother even the most active cyclist. Garages are often a place in the home that we just focus on coming and going through. This can lead to a build up of clutter, lack of space, and disorganization. Discover how you can create garage storage opportunities and put your bikes away, so they take up less space.

Cluttered Garage

The family’s shoes, the recycling, bins for the kids toys, balls, hula-hoops, boxes of Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, and gardening tools all take up a lot of space in the garage if you have no where else to put them. It’s important to establish a walking space to and from your car and to make sure you can safely pull in and out of the garage, but if there are items in your way or on the floor, there is a high trip-risk which can cause injuries or accidents.


Make it a goal to get all items and boxes up off the floor. This will reduce tripping hazards or items from getting in the car’s way. Everything will need a designated space to go—a labelled bin for only the fishing gear, a bin for only the kid’s toys, etc. Everything needs to belong to a certain place to get rid of this clutter.

Garage Storage

With your belongings sorted and moved around, take advantage of the opportunity for garage storge improvements. Custom shelving, cabinets, shelves, and more can store away the boxes and items neatly.

Bike Storage

As the garage is being cleaned up, you will need to find somewhere better to put the bikes. A convenient option is to install hooks either on the wall or in your ceiling where the bikes can be hung from. This will save up all the floorspace they take up and will keep them away from the cars and your walking space.

Lift your bikes up out of the way and brainstorm some garage storage options. Your options are endless and home improvement projects can always be created with your needs in mind. Reach out to your local craftspeople to see their services and how your garage can be improved.

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