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Home Improvement  /  March 5, 2021

Are You Planning a Bathroom Remodel? Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Home in Boise, ID

Bathroom Remodel in Boise, ID & Surrounding Areas

If you need a change of color, space, or some updates, a bathroom remodel is a great way to increase some value in your home, while making your bathroom a more functional and comfortable space. From new floors, fixtures, and plumbing, there are many ways to go about planning your bathroom remodel.

The first step is to think about how your bathroom is currently used and how it can be improved. How many people share the bathroom and do items such as the storage or ventilation need to be updated? Once you know your budget, you will know how far you are able to take your renovations. A bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to improve your space from more storage, bigger sinks, a new shower, and more. Items such as your décor, lighting, and mirrors can make a space look bigger, brighter, and more inviting so you have many ideas to experiment with.

Bathroom Layout

A bathroom remodeling gives you the opportunity to improve your bathroom’s layout. If you have the room, cabinets and counterspace can be expanded, mirrors will improve the openness of the space, and you can update your shower and tub to a wet room to balance with an open-floor layout.

Bathroom Repairs

Remodeling is a great time to fix any problems you have in your bathroom. If your bathroom has poor ventilation, the installation of windows or bath fans can help prevent the build up of mildew or mold. If your faucet has a leak, or the toilet is constantly running, these can add to your water bill and get worse over time. Have your repairs made to avoid future damage in your bathroom.

With help and advice from our talented handymen, you will be ready to start planning your bathroom remodeling project in no time. New floors, new lighting, and new décor can really bring life and new value to a room. Explore your options and enjoy the results in no time.

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