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Home Improvement  /  February 10, 2021

Garage Storage and Organizing Ideas for Your Garage in Boise, ID

Professional Organizing Ideas for Your Garage and Garage Storage in Boise, ID & Surrounding Areas

Do you feel like your garage needs to be organized or needs a new look? Make this space in your home more convenient by exploring garage storage and organizing ideas. Our handymen want to share their favorite project ideas with you, so keep reading to learn more.

Your garage is most importantly your way in and out of your house. You might pass through without much thought as how to use the space until it becomes a little overwhelming. Having a cluttered garage increases the risk of tripping, falls, and more. Your goal will be to ensure open walkways to and around your vehicles, and making sure everything has a place to be put away in.

Garages have the advantage of every area being extremely useable. For example, get those biciycles out of the way by installing anchored hooks in the ceiling to hang them from. Brooms, tools, snow shovels, and more can all be hung on the wall too. To expand on this idea, convert one wall by installing a peg board. This open format storage is ideal for items you need to access quickly such as a variety of tools, clamps, hoses, and more.

Take your organization up a notch by considering garage storage. Schedule an estimate with local handymen to see how their services can create the storage you need from custom shelving, cabinets, and more. Shelving units can store labeled bins that contain the kid’s toys, winter decorations, or the pool toys. A shelving unit can have a low shelf to keep your mud boots, and cabinets to safely store and lock up weed killer and other chemicals.

Your goal in garage storage is to make sure everything is up off the floor and has somewhere to go. This will make the space feel more efficient and will be safer as you hurry in and out of your home. Consider some of these projects and see how they can help your garage today.

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