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Home Improvement  /  December 2, 2020

Important Techniques When Painting a Home

If you’re going to make an upgrade to your home, you might want to start with painting the interiors. Painting is necessary if you want to update your home’s style, and every home looks better and fresher with a new coat of paint. While you can certainly make it a DIY project, it’s important that you make the effort to do it right. Whether you’re new to the process or are an old hand, here are a few helpful tips for painting a home.

Wait for Dry Weather When Painting a Home

Let’s face it: humidity makes everything worse. This includes painting. Even when painting indoors, if it’s wet and/or rainy outside, painting a home will be extra challenging. The paint will drip, and take forever to dry, so if you can delay the process for a few days it may well be worth it.

Use Both Rollers and Brushes

First time home painters might ask the question, “What’s better, brushes or rollers?” There’s an easy answer — both! Rollers are going to provide a smoother application of paint than brushes, so they’re perfect for covering a vast majority of a wall. No matter what your home is like, however, every wall is going to have crevices, and tight spots that can only be reached by brushes, so don’t think you can do a good job with only one or the other.

Prep Is Key

Preparation is important for any DIY project, and that goes for painting a home as well. Use painter’s tape to cover molding and edges, and fill all holes and cracks with putty. Remove all outlet and light switch covers, and make sure you have plenty of drop cloths on hand. You may think you’re immune to drops and splashes of paint, but you’d be surprised where bits of paint can wind up.

Of course, there’s no better way to ensure a premium paint job than by hiring the skilled craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Boise, ID. For painting or any other household duties, give us a call today!

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