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Home Improvement  /  December 16, 2019

5 Reasons Your Drywall Keeps Cracking

Drywall is a major part of any home as it is a necessary component to build walls and ceilings. It’s quick and easy to install, and is durable, requiring simple repairs if it’s damaged. However, some homeowners might be facing a recurring issue with their drywall that can be both concerning and fairly annoying to deal with: cracks.

Here are the five possible reasons your drywall keeps cracking and what you can do about it.

  1. Temperature fluctuations – Temperature fluctuations can be one of the reasons why your drywall is facing recurring cracks. This is because the fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause your drywall to fall victim to expansion and contraction. To ward off drywall cracks due to temperature fluctuations, consider placing dehumidifiers throughout your home to keep moisture levels consistent and increase the insulation around your doors and windows.
  2. Settling – If your home was recently constructed, the initial settling of the structure can cause cracks in your drywall as the materials used to frame them can dry out over the first few years. This causes them to slightly move in the process and cause small cracks at tension points around your doors and windows. Once this happens, allow the framing components to completely dry out first before repairing them or recurring drywall cracks will occur.
  3. Structural issues – On the other hand, foundation and structural issues can also cause recurring cracks in your home. If you notice large, jagged cracks, it can mean that the frame or foundation of your home has shifted.
  4. Poor installation – Alternatively, cracks in your drywall can also be a symptom of complex issues in your home, chief of them being poor installation. When mistakes are made, or your contractor cut corners during the installation process, cracks will be a likely side effect that will appear over time.
  5. Leaks – If you notice any discoloration on the cracks of your drywall, it means there’s excessive moisture present. Before you have the drywall remedied, make sure to find and repair the leak source to prevent the damage from recurring. However, once your drywall is affected by the moisture, make sure to have it replaced instead of having it repaired.

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