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Home Improvement  /  November 20, 2019

Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodeling Project

Dust and debris are inevitable during a home improvement project. That’s why you need to prepare for these problems. The contractor is responsible for the bulk of the cleanup during and after the remodeling process, but if you want your home to be spotless, then you need to do your part, too.

Remove Everything From the Work Area

Before your contractor arrives to renovate your home, you will need to remove everything from the worksite. If possible, you should remove every piece of furniture and your decorations, clothing and other household goods. This will keep these items from becoming dirty during the renovation, and it will help your contractor work more quickly and efficiently.

Cover Heavy Furniture With Plastic

Bulky furniture like sofas aren’t easily moved so you should instead cover them with plastic. If you want the furniture to stay as clean as possible, then you need to cover it completely. This will reduce the chances of debris and dust getting into the furniture’s corners and cracks. It also prevents dust from ruining the finish.

Isolate the Work Area

Keep the worksite isolated from the rest of the house to prevent dust and dirt from spreading. Talk to your contractor, and ask them about their plans for keeping the mess isolated to the worksite. Your contractor might affix plastic sheathing over the doors or temporarily install thick plastic flaps over the door frames. You or your contractor should also build a path using carpet scraps or heavy canvas tarps to the work area in order to protect the floor leading to the work area.

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