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Home Improvement  /  October 23, 2019

What to Do If Something Falls Down the Sink Drain

If a pair of earrings falls down your sink drain, then don’t panic. This is a relatively common plumbing problem with a clear solution. If you act quickly enough, you can still recover your lost item.

Turn the Water Off and Find the P-Trap

Turn the water off as soon as something valuable drops down the drain. This will reduce the risk of the object getting flushed away. Next, clear the space beneath the sink, and put a bucket underneath the P-trap. The bucket will catch the sludge when you remove the P-trap later. The P-trap is a section of piping that’s located directly underneath the drain fixture, and it looks like the letter P. The P-trap is made up of two 90 degree joints and a U-shaped overflow pipe. The object is probably stuck in the drain plug or overflow pipe.

Remove the Drain Plug

You’ll need to remove the drain plug before removing the overflow plug. You’ll need to close the sink plug by pulling up on the plunger behind the faucet. Next, find the horizontal pivot arm connected to the plug, and unscrew the retaining nut that holds the metal rod against the P-trap. Now, detach the clip connecting the retaining rod to the sink plunger. Pull the metal retaining rod straight back to release the drain plug, and then pull the drain plug out of the drain hole.

Remove the Overflow Pipe

Check if your object is in the drain. Reach into the drain with a grasping tool. If your object isn’t there, then it’s probably in the overflow pipe. Wear your rubber gloves and a face mask because you might have to deal with sludge. Loosen the slip nuts that connect the overflow pipe to the 90-degree joints. Remove and dump the contents of the overflow pipe into the bucket. Find your object in the sludge. Now, clean and reinstall the overflow pipe after you’re done.

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