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Home Improvement  /  October 21, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading Outlets

If your home was built a few decades ago, then chances are you may have outdated electrical outlets. Upgrading your electrical outlets is a worthwhile investment because old outlets can put your home at significant risk. 

Why Should You Upgrade Old Outlets?

Outlets and the wires behind them can age and degrade in as little as five years. Wires can settle over time, and this changes the way they make contact. You should get your wiring checked every few years to protect your home. Old and outdated outlets can also put your home at risk because they are no longer capable of providing enough electricity for your needs. To protect your home, you’ll need to learn how to tell when you need new electrical outlets.

What Are the Signs You Need New Outlets?

If you see that your outlets are sparking, then you need to call a professional and upgrade your outlets right away. Flickering lights are another important sign. This can indicate that your outlets can no longer keep up with your electrical demands. You should also upgrade your outlets if the majority of them are two-pronged. Two-pronged outlets are not grounded, and you should correct this immediately.

What Happens When Upgrading Old Outlets?

When upgrading your outlets, a skilled electrician will swap your ungrounded outlets for grounded outlets. They will also upgrade your house’s electrical panel if your current electrical panel can’t keep up with your new outlets. Your electrician can also install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). GFCIs will cut off power to an outlet if the circuit is compromised.

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