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Home Improvement  /  July 10, 2019

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef

One of the best things about cooking shows on TV is seeing how organized the kitchens are. Everything seems to be within reach, with all meals prepared with ease and efficiency. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional chef to reach that level of kitchen organization. In this blog, Handyman Connection® of Boise shares how to organize your kitchen like the professionals do.

Prep, Cook, Serve and Store

All activities in the kitchen can be divided into four categories: prep, cook, serve and store. Cookware should, therefore, be sorted with these categories in mind.

  • Prep – Everything related to food preparation should be in the same area. In addition to the knife rack, you should have drawers in the same area that contain your mixing bowls, mortar and pestle, and rolling pins.

  • Cook – This is the area where pots and pans, spatulas and other equipment you use for cooking goes.

  • Serve – This category includes plates, bowls and drinking glasses. Putting them in the same area in the kitchen makes it easier to prepare the table for meals.

  • Store – Resealable containers and bags, cling wrap and everything else used for food storage must be kept in a cabinet of its own.

Date and Label

Adding a date and label, especially to meats and other perishables, is essential to every professional kitchen. For spice bottles and containers, use blue painter’s tape instead of printed labels for easy relabeling. Resealable freezer bags should be marked with the date of purchase before being filled and stored.

Use Baskets and Separate Containers

You can further organize small items by purpose and how often you use them. Instead of closed drawers, use baskets and clear containers to sort ingredients, such as dried fruits and pasta. Store essentials like salt, pepper and oil close to the stove. With these organizational tips, you can keep your kitchen organized like the pros, no matter what the layout is.

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