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Home Improvement  /  February 12, 2019

Clever Tips to Achieve an Ergonomic Kitchen

The term ergonomics refers to the relationship between the human body and the objects we use and the spaces we move and work in. We often associate it with the workplace, where the design of workstations must fit the limitations of each individual to achieve not just comfort but also productivity and efficiency. The same concept also applies to the kitchen.

Handyman Connection® of Boise, your trusted specialists in kitchen remodeling in the area, offers some tips to help you achieve an ergonomic space in this part of your home.

Consider Customizing Your Counters

Instead of forcing yourself to adapt to a standard-size counter, why not pursue custom counters of varying heights? You may install at least two: a lower one for your basic food preparation tasks and a higher one at bar height that can hold foods ready for serving. When making your choices, consider the countertop height in relation to the height of your elbow.

Choose Springy Floors

During your kitchen remodel, chances are you’ll be replacing the space’s flooring, too. For better movement, consider floors that give you some “bounce” or spring in your every step. We recommend wood, rubber or cork for this. Otherwise, you can put mats or small rugs with non-slip padding on the floor near the counter, stove and sink.

Pursue Drawers

Drawers work better for kitchen cabinets, especially those located beneath the counter or sink. You can store plates, knives, cookware and other small appliances in these, eliminating the need to bend all the way down or even crawl into the cabinet to find utensils.

Take Note of Your Work Zones

The design of your newly-revamped kitchen must take into account ease of movement to and from certain areas, and the spaces required to open or close electrical appliances. For instance, your worktop should be near the refrigerator. That way, you can get the food out and lay it down quickly on the counter for preparation.

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