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Home Maintenance  /  September 7, 2018

Important Tips That Will Help Your Doors Last Longer

When it comes to home maintenance, doors are some of the fixtures to which you need to pay attention. They may be well-constructed and installed properly, but your doors may still suffer from wear and tear given their frequent use and exposure to the elements.

Never take them for granted. During your next routine cleaning, take the time to consider these tips that will help your doors last longer.

Checking the Hardware

Have a look at the hardware of your doors, from the knobs and hinges to the locks, and check for any inconsistencies. A repair or replacement may be necessary when they are loose, yet tightening screws with a screwdriver can sometimes do the trick.

Checking the Caulk

For your entry door, check if the weatherstripping is still in place or has worn out. When the latter happens, it is possible that your door is letting air into your home. This will increase your use of heating or cooling systems. One way to test this is to place your hand along the bottom and sides of the closed door. The caulk must be replaced if you feel drafts coming through.

Removing and Cleaning

Use a stiff brush to remove any paint chips on your doors. Any scratches and scuffs can be removed using sandpaper. Once the impurities are gone, clean any excess dust or dirt from your door using a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Be sure to use a mild soap to avoid damaging the door frames. After this, you can dry it off using a fresh cloth.

Applying a New Coat of Paint, Stain or Finish

You can do any of these once every few years for the doors to look new and last longer. However, this would largely depend on the kind of door you have. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s advice. Wood doors, for example, must have the surface smoothed before applying a new layer of primer and a new coat of paint or finish.

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