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Home Improvement  /  September 14, 2018

Creative Ways to Maximize Storage for Small Spaces

Not having enough space inside your home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to storage. But, with a little creativity on your part and help from expert handymen, you can, in fact, work your way around it.  Below are some clever storage ideas you can apply to small living spaces that will entice you to get organized.

Clearing Clutter off the Floor

Clutter is often a problem in small spaces. With storage, your rooms will feel cleaner and more spacious. One solution is to install a small cube or rectangular shelf attached to the wall to facilitate open storage. No need to procure a cabinet or drawer that will just eat up whatever space you have. An example of this would be a floating nightstand in your bedroom.

Taking Advantage of Vertical Spaces

You can organize your stuff using the back of your door. Placing a slim wire basket can help secure items that can clutter up your space. A barren wall can also serve as a storage area. One idea for this is a pegboard wall, which provides you with certain benefits, such as easy re-arrangement, adjustable organization and pleasing aesthetics that can go well with your interior.

Adding a Raised Platform

If you have a tall enough ceiling, you can add a raised platform to a certain part of your room. This can serve as a bed and storage at the same time. Underneath the platform is a set of drawers where you can conveniently keep your essentials. On top of it, you can neatly place your mattress and blankets.

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