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Home Improvement  /  July 12, 2018

The Right Approach to Selecting a Shower Door

Choosing the right shower door for your bathroom can be a very tricky process. You can’t just pick something and expect good results. You may pick a pretty option now and easily end up with a hard to maintain or messy problem later. If you want to make sure you’re picking a shower door that will actually suit your needs, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Check Where the Door Goes

Some shower doors are specially designed to fit certain conditions. For example, a sliding shower door works well in wider shower areas, but they won’t provide much of an opening in smaller bathrooms. A pivot shower door provides access in narrower shower stalls, but something big enough to work on a wider area would require a ridiculous amount of floor space for the panels to fully open.

Get Your Glass

Picking the right glass for your shower door is mostly about your personal preferences and whether you value privacy or view. For example, clear glass will benefit from a brightly-lit bathroom, where the natural lighting can energize your morning shower, but a stained or etched glass is better if you’re more concerned about privacy.

Choose Between Framed or Frameless Doors

Many people like the aesthetic of a frameless shower door, where panels are made entirely of glass and secured by metal clips. On the other hand, some people don’t mind having a bit of frame on their shower doors because they don’t require as much maintenance. You also have to keep in mind that frameless doors tend to cost more than their framed counterparts.

Watch the Width

The worst thing that could happen when picking a shower door is that you end up with something that doesn’t properly fit your shower stall. Before picking an option, make sure that you’re selecting a door with the right width; the door must be at least equal to the width of the shower stall opening. If it’s not, you’ll have a shower door that won’t be able to completely keep those splashes within the shower area.

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