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Home Improvement  /  July 10, 2018

Storing Books in Style With Great Bookshelf Design Ideas

Books may be a great source of entertainment and knowledge, but they can also cause headaches when it comes to interior home design. Books can take up significant storage space, especially if you have limited shelf space. Fortunately, it’s possible to use books to your interior design’s advantage with these awesome bookshelf ideas.

5 Genius Bookshelf Design Ideas for Storing Your Books in Style

1. Make Your Bookshelves Blend

One of the most common ways to make a room look great is to create a sense of unity. You can achieve this unity by having your furniture match the color of your walls, including your books. This is especially true when it comes to open wall bookshelves, where the matching colors may even give the illusion that the books are floating.

2. Use Bookshelves as Highlights

You can use a couple of identical bookshelves to emphasize certain features in your room. For example, two small bookshelves that look exactly alike can be placed on both sides of an arch or a doorway. Doing this draws more attention to the arch while also enhancing its visual impact.

3. Get Recessed Shelves

If you want, you can have our renovation team create recessed bookshelves to complete the look of your room. Aside from saving precious floor space, a recessed bookshelf also adds that minimalistic, practical touch to a home. This makes recessed bookshelves very popular in homes with modern designs.

4. Fill Those Gaps

There are some cases where you need bookshelves, but you don’t have the floor or wall space that would keep them from looking cramped. You can deal with this by having our specialists install retractable wall bookshelves that fill in narrow “spare” areas. When not in use, the shelves can be pushed into the gap and form a solid seal, preserving the home’s design and keeping the books protected.

5. Stagger Smaller Shelves

While a single, rectangular bookshelf works great for storing your books, they’re not always the best in terms of style. If you feel like a rectangular shelf looks boring, consider using a series of smaller shelves “staggered” in different lengths and elevations throughout the wall surface. This is great for adding variety to a home, especially if the items on each shelf are different from each other. For example, one shelf can have books while the other shelf can have small items, such as shells or small figures.

Bring Your Bookshelf Design Ideas to Life with Handyman Connection of Boise

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