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Home Maintenance  /  May 14, 2018

How to Clean Your Sink and Bathtub Without Harsh Chemicals

Many homeowners don’t look forward to cleaning their bathroom and sink because the job requires chemicals and plenty of elbow grease to restore surfaces to their original condition. Fortunately, you can clean your sink drains without chemicals. Knowing what to expect and doing the right things can make cleaning them much easier, too. Handyman Connection® of Boise explains how to properly clean your bathroom tub and sink drains effectively without chemicals.

Cleaning the Sink

You can use a vinegar solution to clean your sink, or mix dish soap and baking soda together. For a quick and simple cleaning mix, we recommend mixing half a cup of dish soap and vinegar, a cup of water and two cups of baking soda. Since your bathroom sink isn’t as grimy as a bathtub, this mixture is strong enough to clean the surface of your sink without damaging it. Just make sure to wash the solution properly with warm water to prevent the paste from settling.

Cleaning the Tub

The warm and moist conditions in your bathroom make it easier for mold to grow in your tub. Fortunately, you can also use a vinegar or baking soda solution to clean the tub. You just need to make it stronger. Vinegar, in particular, is a proven mold killer because it can loosen even the stickiest mold and kill it. To do this, spray the tub with a vinegar solution, and then wait for about five minutes. This will allow the solution to settle. Then, rinse it with water, and repeat this process if needed.

Soap scum in your tub can be dealt with by using dish soap mixed with baking soda. A stronger formulation of this mixture will result in an abrasive paste. Use this paste to scrub away the soap scum and other stains. This mixture and the same method are also useful for cleaning dirty grout lines.

Do you need help with this home maintenance project or other remodeling project? Handyman Connection of Boise can assist you. We have helped countless homeowner, as we’re experts in plumbing, electrical work and more. Contact us at (208) 268-0088 to learn more about how to clean your drains effectively. You can also ask for a an estimate.

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