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Home Improvement  /  December 18, 2017

Things You can Fix Around the Home Without a Handyman

Are you putting off repairs around the house because you’re anticipating the cost of hiring someone? The cost of repairs can sometimes be discouraging, but leaving problems like leaks and holes unaddressed can cause extensive damage, which means you may end up spending more in the long run. Fortunately, not all problems require professional help. Handyman Connection® of Boise suggests three easy repair tasks you can do yourself:

Home Without a Handyman

Cracked Tile

Old, cracked tiles are not only unsightly, but they also pose a serious hazard. Keep your home’s beauty and safety intact by replacing damaged tile as soon as possible. Besides, breaking up the old piece in order to make way for the new one can be quite satisfying. Drill holes into the tile to break it into manageable pieces instead of immediately smashing the entire piece with a hammer.

Leaking Faucet

Having a leaky faucet at home can be quite the hassle. The persistent dripping noise, the wasted water and the potential damage it brings to your home are all reasons to fix this problem as soon as possible. Sometimes, a quick tightening of the handle is all that’s needed. If that doesn’t work, replace the faucet cartridge. You can ask your local hardware store if you’re not sure what a cartridge is.

Holes in the Wall

Notice any dents or holes in your wall? Regardless of what caused them, it’s important to deal with these issues immediately. Instead of calling a repairman, just buy some drywall patch. Draw a square around the hole and use it as a guide for a perfect fit.

With a few tools, you can easily repair minor issues around your home. For more complicated projects, however, it’s best to turn to Handyman Connection of Boise. Tasks like floor replacement and serious plumbing both require the right skills and equipment for successful results. Contact us at (208) 268-0088 to learn more about our services. You can also get an estimate.

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