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Home Improvement  /  August 17, 2017

Keep Your House Cool This Summer Without The AC

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the sun and surf, but the extreme heat it brings can be unbearable at times. You’ll probably find yourself relying too much on your conditioning just to stay cool; it’s a small comfort until you see the jump in your electricity bills. Handyman Connection of Boise discusses how you can keep your home cool this summer without overusing the AC.

Keeping Your House Cool

Start Unplugging Those Sockets

Never leave appliances and other electronics plugged if you’re not using them. Plugged sockets generate unnecessary heat that can increase your room temperature, and to an extent, lower your home’s comfort levels. Plugged electronics, even when not in use, also still use up electricity, so unplugging them can help lower your electric bills, too.

Have a Summer Barbecue

If you’re planning to do some cooking, we suggest you do so outside. The heat that your range generates can rapidly warm your living spaces and make it hotter than usual. Have a summer barbecue on your backyard instead of cooking in your kitchen. Also, consider pre-planning your meals so that you don’t use your oven all the time during the day.

Spin the Ceiling Fan the Right Way

The way your ceiling fan spins actually affects how much wind it generates. Check the base of your ceiling – there’s a small switch there that changes the direction of the airflow. During summer, make sure your ceiling fan spins in a counterclockwise direction since it forces the air down directly. When it spins clockwise, the wind circulates around the room without actually going directly to you.

Install Better Windows

Summer is the best time to install new windows, and it’s a good investment since it can help alleviate the heat in your home. Make sure to pick windows with a high ENERGY STAR® rating as these have high reflectance value, which means they reflect more UV light and heat than they absorb. Have our team do an inspection on your home to see which windows need replacing, and we’ll make sure we professionally install your new home hardware.

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