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Home Improvement  /  August 10, 2017

How to Create Extra Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Your home’s kitchen space can get really busy, and with all the things you have there, it can be difficult finding a place to store them. That said, you don’t need to immediately remodel your kitchen just because it’s getting cramped; there’s a few ways you can squeeze some extra storage space out of your kitchen. Handyman Connection of Boise discusses this further.

Storage Space

Take Advantage of the Space Above Your Range

There’s a lot of space in your range to fit a couple of your cooking essentials, so turn it into a storage space for them. We suggest installing a small shelf that’s about halfway to the top of the range. On the top of the shelf, you can store your pots and containers, while you can install a utensil hanger on the bottom of the shelf to store your spatulas, pans, and other utensils.

Utilize Your Sink Space

The countertop next to your sink is an underutilized space. Consider using it as a small drying area where you can place the cutlery and utensils that aren’t ready for the dishwasher yet. Alternatively, you can place a small platform or basket here where you can store some of your kitchen odds and ends.

Grab a Basket and Start Storing

Wood and wicker baskets are great auxiliary storage spaces for your kitchen since their appearance perfectly fits the setting. This is where you should store the lemons and oranges you’ve picked from your backyard, or the fresh bread you just bought at the store. It frees up fridge space and serves as a quaint visual piece for your kitchen.

Get a Hollow Island

Hollow islands, like their name suggests, have an interior storage space so it’s essentially two things – a small countertop and a makeshift shelf and cabinet. Place extra utensils on the top part and let the interior storage space be where you place your baskets, cooking books, and all the odds and ends you can’t fit elsewhere.

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