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Home Maintenance  /  July 19, 2017

Blinds Vs. Shades: Which One Should You Get For Your Window?

There are generally just two window treatment options to choose from to protect your home from harsh UV light – blinds and shades. Many use these interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things. So which one provides better window protection for your home? Let Handyman Connection of Boise discuss both of them.

Blinds Vs. Shades

Blinds and Shades

Blinds are the “hard” window treatment option composed of slats or vanes. The material is usually made of wood, although the most popular blind options these days are vinyl, composite, and even aluminum. The advantage of choosing blinds is that since they’re “hard” covers, very little sunlight will pass through them.

Shades, on the other hand, allow small amounts of sunlight to enter your home since they’re made of softer materials such as fabric and woven wood.

Privacy and Light Control

Blinds offer superior privacy since the hard slats and vanes completely prevent people from seeing through your window. They also have superior light control since closing the blinds completely prevents light from passing through your window.

This doesn’t mean shades are inferior as a window treatment. In fact, some homeowners actually prefer shades, especially if they want to establish daylighting in their living spaces. Since the fabric allows some light to pass through, shades allow you to naturally light up your living spaces.


Blinds are easier to maintain since dust and debris do not stick well on the hard material the slats and vanes are made of. Fabric is quite difficult to clean, and this means you’ll have to wash shades regularly to ensure your living spaces do not accumulate dust.

Both shades and blinds are efficient window treatment options, and each one has their own areas they excel in. Keep these facts in mind if you’re planning to invest in a window treatment for your home.

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