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Home Remodeling  /  June 2, 2017

The Right Lighting Can Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is just around the corner and that means more time to spend outside. You don’t have to go very far to enjoy the outdoors though; your yard area can serve as your retreat area. Handyman Connection of Boise discusses how you can spruce up your exterior living spaces with the right lighting.

living space

Hang Your Light Strings

A great way to boost the appeal of your backyard is to hang light strings. These provide ample lighting that’s warm and very summery. We recommend getting longer light strips and hanging them from your backyard porch area all the way to the patio or pergola. Not only does it light up your backyard area, but it also acts as decoration in itself.

Lanterns Set the Mood

Installing lanterns in strategic areas in your backyard can really set the mood and encourage your family members to spend more time out. We recommend installing these in areas where you want to get together like the patio or barbecue area. The best part is that you can move lanterns around, so it’s easy to redecorate and reposition them if you’re not content with how you set them the first time around.

Hidden LED Strips

LED strips are great additions if your backyard areas have a lot of structure in it and there’s little room for large and bulky lighting. You can install these clandestinely, such as under the deck boards or within the foliage and greenery of your garden area.

Luminous Pots and Planters

These are great additions to your home since they double as both a pot or planter for your flowers or plants and as a lightsource. They come in an array of different sizes, too – ranging from small pots to larger sizes almost as big as you. They are a viable alternative if you want to reduce clutter in your backyard.

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