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Home Maintenance  /  June 8, 2017

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet the Right Way

No one wants a leaky faucet in their home. Not only does it sound bothersome, but it also wastes water no matter how little the droplets are. Fixing it is another matter though and it’s surprisingly easy to make a mistake when repairing it considering the size of the faucet. Handyman Connection of Boise discusses how to fix a faucet the right way.


Determine the Source of the Leak

The faucet leak manifests in two places – the spout and the base of the faucet. Your repair work will be different depending on where the source of the leak is coming from, so do an inspection first. After that, it’s time to prepare the faucet.

Necessary Preparations

Start by turning off the water supply for the faucet. The shutoff valve is usually under the sink; otherwise, you might have to shut off the water supply for the whole house first. Next, we recommend you put some covering on the sink like a strainer or a rag since the parts you’ll be taking out are small and can easily end up falling inside.

Removing the Parts

Carefully remove each part of the faucet and take note the order of the parts. We recommend setting them aside in order so that you don’t forget. While you’re removing the parts, you might want to check each one for signs of wear and tear. If the spout is leaking, check if there are holes or signs wear on the gasket. If it’s the base that’s leaking, check if the seal is deteriorating or has worn out completely.

You might also want to check for mineral deposits on any of the parts; these often occur when your water supply has hard water. Clean them with an abrasive rag or soak them in vinegar to get rid of the minerals.

Replace the Parts

We recommend taking the parts with you to the store since although the brand name is stamped on the faucet, it’s easier to find the replacements if you have the old ones with you. Most stores have repair kits for the standard rotary ball and cartridge type faucets. Once you’ve found the necessary parts, all you need to do is reinstall the faucet. Make sure to remember the order you took each part out.

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