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Home Maintenance  /  April 13, 2017

Spring Into Action: Your Home Maintenance Checklist

A lot of homeowners mistakenly believe that spring maintenance is all about washing and wiping their interior components clean. While keeping your interior clean is important and a great way to ease your lifestyle this season, some of the most important spring upkeep tasks involve inspecting and maintaining exterior elements as well.

Home Maintenance

As the weather becomes warmer and more favorable, consider doing vital maintenance tasks that will keep your home in top shape all year round. Here are some tips from Handyman Connection® of Boise:

  • Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts – A clogged gutter system can expose your home to structural and aesthetic damage. Unfortunately, this problem often goes unnoticed unless you schedule a gutter inspection. Having your gutters and downspouts checked, as well as cleaning them thoroughly, can prepare your home for the intense weather conditions ahead.
  • Reseal Exterior Woodwork – Keep your wood decks, pergolas, fences, and other outdoor structures in prime condition by resealing them every year or two. You can also perform any needed repairs during this period to make these structures last longer.
  • Inspect Windows and Doors – As two of the most visible and functional parts of your exterior, they go hand in hand in keeping your interior comfortable. Damage brought by the weather can make them drafty over time, which is why every spring, you should make it a habit to check your windows and doors for issues. Caulk and seal them right away to prevent further damage.
  • Paint Exterior – The mild weather of spring makes it ideal for completing major exterior projects, such as repainting your exterior walls. This will not only enhance your curb appeal; it will also help boost your home’s resale value.
  • Check Air-Conditioning Systems – Although spring is a great time for exterior projects, you can also take your interior maintenance up a notch by paying attention to tasks that are often ignored. A good example is cleaning your cooling systems. By making sure that your air conditioner continues to work properly, you can save money on major repairs and keep your interior temperature cool when necessary.

Taking just a bit of time each spring to do these tasks can help you identify opportunities for home improvement. Get in touch with Handyman Connection of Boise today to schedule your seasonal home maintenance. Call us or complete our form today to request a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

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