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Home Improvement  /  March 9, 2017

To a Healthy Home: Your Annual Inspection Checklist

Before moving into your new home, a home inspection professional will examine it to make sure there are no hidden surprises waiting for you. With each year, however, it’s necessary to continue inspecting your home’s structure and systems. Paying full attention will help you spot any issue before it grows into a bigger problem.


Practicing preventive maintenance on your home will help you save a significant amount of time and money. To guide you through the process, our expert crew at Handyman Connection of Boise offers a comprehensive checklist for your annual home inspection.

  • Look for Peeling Paint – Peeling paint indicates that moisture has penetrated the wood in your structure. Since the paint is not adhering to the wood surface, you might need to repair, refinish, or replace your material.
  • Inspect the Roof – Look for missing or damaged shingles, as they are some of the most common causes of a leaky roof. It’s also smart to inspect your gutters and downspouts to see if they are filled with debris. Be sure to repair or replace damaged components as needed.
  • Check Your Decks and Porches – When examining these components, look for rot and make sure that the boards remain intact. Replace any missing screws or loose boards to retain their good condition.
  • Examine Your Attic’s Condition – Be on the lookout for rotten wood, cracks, and gaps. Additionally, remember to check if the insulation is still working properly. You’re wasting more energy than you think when your attic isn’t fully insulated.
  • Repair Cracks in the Bathroom – Broken tiles and cracks in the sink can allow water to leak into the walls and subfloors. Install new ones right away to prevent further damage. Also, be sure to check the washers on the faucets for signs of dripping. If you find problematic areas, caulk them properly to keep your subfloors safe from moisture.
  • Walk through the Basement – Look for signs of moisture, such as stains and dampness, on the basement floor. If there are soft areas, consider repairing the subfloor to keep your foundation intact.

While many homeowners prefer to do annual home inspection on their own, it’s still more efficient to hire a professional for the job. Our expert crew at Handyman Connection Boise are always ready to help with your home maintenance. We offer high-quality services to keep your home safe from any extensive damage.

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