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Kitchen Remodeling  /  March 16, 2017

3 Effective Ways to Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly

While some people believe that the kitchen will never be a place for kids to have fun in, there are others who beg to differ. The kitchen is one of the best areas in the home to bond and spend quality time in. With the right design, you can actually fill this room with beautiful memories with your kids, rather than acquiring negative experiences and views with it.


Just like any other room in your home, however, you’ll want to make your kitchen a child-friendly zone. Kids are kids, after all, and we can never keep them from running around or from touching everything they find in the room. To eliminate your worries about your kitchen being too hazardous for your kids, Handyman Connection of Boise offers the following child-friendly tips:

  • Install a Safety Gate – When you install a gate in your kitchen doorway, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re keeping your kids out permanently. Its purpose is to simply keep them away when you or other adults are not around. Keep in mind that while the kitchen is ideal for family bonding, it still holds items that might be dangerous for your children. Having a safety gate will prevent them from going in without your supervision.
  • Cover Electrical Outlets – If you have children around, it’s important to cover all electrical outlets around the home, not just in the kitchen. Today, you can purchase electrical outlets with coverings to prevent potential injury.
  • Arrange Your Kitchen Properly – Kids are naturally inquisitive, which means they engage in whatever activities or things that look interesting to them. Arrange your kitchen in such a way that your kids will remain safe and secure at all times. Keep dangerous objects, such as knives and other pointed items, in unreachable spots. Furthermore, be sure to use child-friendly appliances and avoid placing treats near any harmful areas, like the stove.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen to make it a safer place for your kids? You can turn to Handyman Connection of Boise. Our experienced crew is always ready to discuss your requirements and offer recommendations to meet your needs. You can call us today or fill out our contact form to schedule a FREE estimate. We look forward to meeting with you!

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